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Jiangsu Jingwei Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in January 2011. Core businesses: Produce, sales, research and development of grain machine accessories. Our team has years of rich management experiences in grain machine industry. We have developed a full range of grain machine accessories products with high cost performance base on fully summed up the needs of domestic customers and the development trend of foreign customers, and provides efficient and superior services for customers. So we got the recognition from many domestic & foreign group customers and well-known enterprises. Now we have grown into one of the Chinese main suppliers of grain conveying equipment accessories. We provide customers with more than 200 million RMB of products and services and the number of customers have exceeded 2,000.

Our company obtained SGS certificate with the advantage of region where have many grain machinery manufacturers around and experienced talent. More than 10 patents have been granted, they are include utility model patent and inventive patent. We completed the research and development of several new product series and upgrade the original products. We are also declaring the national high-tech enterprise.

JINGWEI Company covers an area of 28,000 square meters. At present, we have more than 10 automatic production lines, auxiliary equipment of more than 30 sets, equipped with more than 10 inspection equipments. We annually produce 5 million plastic buckets, 1.5 million steel buckets, 500 ton UHMWPE sheets, 300 ton PU sheets, 20000 meters PU pipe, 1 million square meters PVC belts, 10 million sets of bolts, 80000 meters drag chains, 1 million pieces of drag flights.

In order to raising working efficiency, reducing the cost of production and have the ability to provide superior quality products and timely service to our customers, we have cooperated with numerous scientific research institutes successively. We design and develop products by integrating the advantages and disadvantages of similar products, use computer network and ERP software to manage the comprehensive resource information of our company.

JINGWEI believes the enterprise spirit of" Integrity, pragmatic and innovative." We will strive to become one of the best one-stop suppliers in the industry.

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