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Belt Clamp Fastener

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Belt Clamp Fastener  

Proper belt clamp will directly influence the running reliability,safety and life span of the elevator belt. It's the safest,the most economical, and the most widely design up to now.Our belt fasteners are widely used by many conveyor equipment manufactures and have unanimous recognition and praise of experts.

S1 use integral stamping forming.The material is carbon steel galvanized.

S2 integral stamping then welding forming,The material is carbon steel galvanized

S4 and S5 are precision cast from three parts,Materials are cast steel galvanized and stainless steel two kinds.

It comes with 8.8 grade high strength bolts and thickened self-locking nuts.Can effectively prevent the operation of the fixture loose.

The combined structure is easy to interchange and install.High assembly precision.Surface galvanizing.Good anti-rust effect.





Strength ≤800KN/m

Strength ≤1000KN/m

Strength ≤1200KN/m

Strength ≤1600KN/m

Chuck width W=45mm

Chuck width W=45mm

chuck width W=48mm

chuck width W=48mm

Chuck height H=62mm

chuck height H=68mm

Chuck height H=72mm

chuck height H=75mm

Bolt length L=50mm

Bolt length L=120mm

bolt length L=130mm

Bolt length L=130mm

Thread specification M10, bolt strength class 8.8

Key points of operation of belt connector:

1. Choose different fastener type and quantity according to your belt strength and width.
2.Elevator belt round length+ Fastener connect belt length=Total belt length.
3.Fastener connect belt length:S1+180mm,S2+190mm,S4+220mm,S5+230mm.
4.Set aside some distance(S1&S2--60mm,S4&S5--80mm)from the top of the connect belt,make a center line for the mounting hole. Make sure the center line is perpendicular to elevator belt radial direction or its two edges.It helps make sure the belt won't go deviated when the elevator is running.


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